Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meats & Plaques

This is on the curb next to the Pasteur station, 1.5 blocks from mi casa. You generally wouldn't notice it or stand there. There are a lot of these around town.

Not a lot of google hits for Eva Esther Nuñez. If she was a "militante popular," I reckon she might have been a bad-ass lefty bomber, maybe a bit more bad-ass than the kind that were running around blowing shit up in California back in the early seventies. I reckon they probably drugged her up and chucked her from a plane over the Río de la Plata.

I also reckon I had a damn fine lunch en casa today/hoy:

If I were to say that that yellow bottle contains a "mustard-like substance," I would be doing a grave injustice to the meaning of "-like." Still, washed down with my new favorite beer, Argentine Corona con Limon, this was a happy-making lunch.


lampy said...

hey b
I enjoyed your posts here and also the youtube stuff. I am feeling a renewed interest in photography after watching that.

Glad to see you got some gin too.

lampersand said...

also, the cats in your palermo vid are kinda creepy. Well, i guess all cars weird me out and these are no exceptions.

kinda a big jump from heli derby to cats

tangobaby said...

I remember having that sliced meat with the egg when we went to a milonga at Sunderland. It just kind of showed up on plates, but it wasn't served with yellow stuff.

Did it taste better than it looks? ;-)

Hope you're staying out of trouble with the militants.

b said...

Yeah, that particular deli product is actually really good in a sandwich. The meat part is chicken, and the yellow part (and the white part around it) is egg. I won't ask the obvious question.

tangobaby said...

I guess we've solved the eternal question.

The chicken and the egg came together!

You are too damn funny.