Monday, January 28, 2008

....Meanwhile, Further Down The Rabbit Hole

There's this certain tango-teaching couple. They've got about 200 popular videos on youtube, from their seminars and classes all over the world.

I've been watching their youtube videos for a year, ooing and ahing at all the cool ideas they demonstrate and trying them out at home.

So I go into my class this morning at DNI, Tango 2/3 (beginner-intermediate), and the man is sitting on the floor. For me this was like, you come home, sit down to chill, and Mark Walberg brings you a brewskie from the kitchen.

I think, "Must have just taught a class, now he's bailing." But no, he was putting on his shoes for the class. The same class I was about to take.

No doubt that kind of occurrence is the most normal thing in the world around here. Kind of tripped me out a little, though.

Later one of the young talented attractive teachers said something in Spanish--er, Castellano--to a woman student in the class, addressing her by name. I then realized she was the wife of the famous tango youtube star. I hadn't recognized her at first with the pulled-back-for-class hair. So the two masters were there taking Tango 2/3 with me.

Funny thing was, I think I lead my gal into his gal about three times, or the other way, I don't know. This is not something I normally do, but there were boleos happening, which I don't typically lead in small crowded places. He looked at me and smiled either apologetically or "Moron," I don't know. Seeing his bright smiling face a couple feet away in ultra-high resolution, he looks much younger, fresher, more vivid than he does at 320x240 pixels on youtube, but he also has that tired vibe that I often feel but don't see in all the 20- and 30-somethings in these classes.


tangobaby said...

So are you going to name drop or do we have to play 20 questions?!! Have you gone to any milongas yet?

Inquiring minds want to know. Especially those minds who are at home and not in BA.

b said...

No and yes.