Friday, July 11, 2008

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Barbara said...

Are you still in BA?

If not, you are missing an interesting melt-down...

b said...

Hi Barbara. At the moment I'm on hiatus from BA, since May. What's melting down there?

Barbara said...

Check out Pablo's blog:

He has a pretty good description.

The stand-off between el campo and el gobierno (or los K) has gotten pretty serious. HUGE demonstrations today, pro-government at the plaza in front of the Congress building, pro-campo near Plaza Italia. Tomorrow the Senate votes on the export taxes. Whichever side loses is not going to go away quietly.

The dollar has been tanking, for no clear reason (except that the Central Bank started selling dollars). Inflation gets worse and worse. Argentines are buying dollars as fast as they can.

Fortunately there is a heat wave right now, meaning that it's t-shirt weather (for Americans at least, porteƱos still have lightweight jackets on). If it were cold, the energy crisis would manifest itself.

What fun! You should come back. Tango fits in well with crisis, does it? :-)

b said...

I would love to come back, to be there for the "fun."

Besides the tango, I miss my friends.

Ran out of pesos. Now it takes a lot of'em to get back down. The problem is, I have all my same expenses back here, while I'm down there. I ain't one of them gringas/gringos with the fat rental property in Tahoe and the $5000/monthly cashflow, like most of the people I met down there, those dirty bastards! Whom I love and miss profoundly....